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KAlibri Breathing by itokashi KAlibri Breathing by itokashi
This one was painted as cover art for RumbiafffRAktALL track. So next is description I whore for this track on soundcloud…

This track was recorded lat autumn and was ready to upload in early spring. But I did want to paint cover art for it..and it took so long...

The story began when I saw a gigantic yellow colibri  with peacock feathers in a dream. When I told about it to my Cosmic friend Dima Suhinin he told me a sory about Shipibo indians who believe in Magic Colibri that comes to heal person when shaman can't. He said they see energy tissue of human body with specific ornaments, when the ornaments are broken person fall ill, and shaman mends the tussue with his singing, if it doesn't work he calls for Magic Colibri to help him..

This story inspired me muchly.. And once last autumn we recorded this track with very subtle sounds - that I felt something colibri-like in it. I asked Anja for the title and she said 'Colibri Beathing'

I write KAlibri because KA is the Spirit, the Soul..

And so on... I needed to paint colibri. I found many photos and tried to capture its proportions many times. But I coudn't paint may own colibri. And I needed real inspiration for it.  Then the idea suddenly came to me! Why I look for all these photots? I need to look through real Ayahuasca Visionary artists pictures! And T knew where I could find them. My fb friend Antonio Molina had really great collection of them. And I found pictures of Amazing Artist - Jheferson Saldaña Valera.

I must say I painted the lines of colibri flying up right over his picture and the Woman Spirit face along with it. So the original of this comes from him. I just made it symmetric and painted it in my style with new details. I do hope he wouldn't mind, 'cause I think it's just Universal creation and the same Source who made us paint this.

I wanted to upload the song with the picture in Resonant White Wind day by Tsolkin because it's really important day for RumbiafffRAktALL for some reasons and along with it - White Wind is the Spirit and Resonant Tone is Inspiration. But the picture was not quite ready. Soon I saw that not only KAlibri is the symbol of White Wind (Spirit), there was also Blue Night - Woman Spirit at the top (I painted Blue Night many times similar ways), and Yellow Seed too (for me it's the seed of Spirit Plants) and so on...almost the WHOLE Tsolkin. But it was in original picture I painted and it looked a bit different. I really liked only the central top part with the bird and the Woman Spirit. So I took it and added more datails - like collage of various earlier drawings and paintings. And finally I saw real Portal with a bit of Rainbow Bridge above it! The woman at the bottom was drawn in Crystal Blue Hand day - the Fractal of 21.12.2012. At first I thought she was Blue Hand but the more I observed her fine Beauty the more I felt how she was close to Cosmic Yellow Star. And the Mandala-structure with Krishna face reminded me something.... I saw it looked like a molecule! The Spirit Molecule with Krishna face:-)

So the picture amazed me more and more.. But I had to go soon to White Noise festival to play with Dima Cosmic Suhinin, and I had no time to upload it all with this story.

It happend so that we had to play at the festival opening the night of Crystal Blue Hand bacoming Cosmic Yellow Star!! I knew it was the sign:-) and you already can see the video of it here I named this ambient set 'Cosmos Blooming':-) After the festival we had amazing trip to the North - the place called Lujavvr Urt (Lulake tundras). And I deeply felt it was the dwelling of Spirit. Maybe I had first to visit that place and then really finish the work on the track adding some special sounds.

Finnaly I uploded it in Resonant White Wizard day (the leading Seal of the White Resonant Wind! and the Shaman) but not here. And today is Spectral White Mirror day, I think it's quite good day to finally show it:-)

PsydeliriuMIMO Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
amazing art, bravo !!
Ninquelen Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I love it! As I wrote earlier on vk, it reminds me so much in atmosphere ans spirit of my planned meru tree (and just now I realized it's not only the flower and a seed - the shape of composition is similar to what I intend, shape of the mountain at the bottom, then layer of iridescent, fractal-spiral tibetan clouds, and then the tree emerging from the seed! I'm also thinking of showing the tree as young sapling and over it/behind huge old tree, but in pale colours, like a vision, to show that this is timeless place, so the tree is a seed and old tree at once)
The colours are so lovely, soft and vibrant at the same time, there are lots of my favourite colours here, blues and yellows and purples <3 And I recall the photos from that amazing tundras you shjowed, it's truly wonderful place and it somehow blends with that artwork so well! I wish I could viist this place one day (your photos often make me feel like that - you're travelling around places I always wanted to see. I hope one day I will) I feel inspired when I look at it. Recently I was feeling a bit like I'm sort of stuck in semi realistic style, I worked a lot in realistic style for most of my life, and once when my teacher encouraged me to try more abstract work, it was just before really bad period of my life and I abandoned it, so it feels like part of my artistic growth was suspended. But I try to blend more and more new thing into my art, and it seems like I'm picking up where I left it, esspecially now when I'm finally working again :) Oh, I didn't intend to make most of the comment about myself! It seems like this art opened some stream in my mind and I just had to let it out ;)
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